Discount culture card offering deals and money off major attractions to be launched in city

Get discounts to Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Warwick Castle, Botanical Gardens, Glee Club and more by using Culture Card

A Birmingham culture card project is starting soon and will offer discounts on most prominent attractions such as Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Glee Hub and Warwick Castle.

The price of the Culture Card will be £12.95, annually, and will give a chance for Brummies to get discounts for 30 destinations, from culture, arts to heritage.

In the beginning, offers will include 50% discount on tickets at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust; 40 % discount for tickets to Warwick Castle; 50% discount on tickets at Birmingham Botanical Gardens; 20% off annual passes to Ironbridge and Birmingham Museums; and 25% off selected shows at Glee Club.

After the card is launched on 6th July, additional discounts will be announced.
The whole ‘Culture Card’ project has been created by an organisation which celebrates the heritage and culture of the Midlands and Birmingham through historic photographs called Brumpic.

Founder of Brumpic, David Oram said: “We are very enthusiastic about starting the region’s first Culture Card.” “We’ve got the top legacy and cultural destinations onboard, and are offering something quite special to residents and visitors to the region. Not only do cardholders get great discounts at the destinations, but they will also be able to enjoy some exclusive events.”

Brumpic was created by Mr Oram in 2013 who has over 155 000 followers on social media platforms.

His other achievement was the Nicklin Unseen exhibition in 2015, which he launched, that consisted of over 50 photos captured in period 1953-1969 by Phyllis Nicklinbetween, a lecturer at the University of Birmingham, and for this exhibition, mr Oram received a national award.

Mr David Oram founded their incredible photographs while he was employed at the university.

The ‘Culture Card’ follows the idea of its predecessor ‘The Independent Birmingham Loyalty Card’ which was launched in 2015 by Joe Schuppler and was enabling cardholders to receive a discount while using the services of independent restaurants and shops.

Mr Oram said: “The Culture Card will work in the same way. We wanted to ensure Brummies get the best of what the region has to offer at a good value.”

The ‘Culture Card’ is valid for one year and can be bought at at a price of £12.95 and you can receive a discount for buying two cards and get them for £20. To learn more visit the website.

The first 200 persons that buy the Culture Card will get a limited edition Brumpic pin badge. The sale of the Culture Cards will start on July the 6th at the website.

See inside city’s new African themed restaurant Nakira Bar and Grill serving crocodile burgers

Crocodile burgers and springbok are served at Nakira Bar and Grill
Birmingham just got a brand new African themed restaurant that offers ostrich rumps, crocodile burgers and springbok steak.

Nakira Bar and Grill started working on John Bright Street where Lobster Peninsula used to be until it was all of a sudden closed in May.

The restaurant is rich with safari animal decorations and walls of the new restaurant are decorated with Zulu shields and masks. There will also be a braai – huge barbecue grill from South Africa used to prepare game meats.
It seems it will be a nice addition to the ever-growing list of quality restaurants in Birmingham.

The restaurant will offer dishes like traditional South African sausage, grilled Boerewors, and biltong, strips of dried and spiced meat.

At the price of £11.95, you can order burgers and chips prepared from ostrich, alpacas and crocodiles. This is written on the menu: “Crocodile meat is very juicy and tender meat with a firm texture and is low in cholesterol.”
Furthermore, there is Aberdeen Angus beef for the faint-hearted.

The price of springbok steak is £24.75 while chicken skewers served with a South African dish of spicy tomato, pepper and beans called chakalaka, is £11.95.

Rice and peas, jollof rice and dumplings are sides.

A big Nakira Braai, made for few persons, cost £47.95 and include beef steak, Boerewors, jerk chicken skewer, periperi chicken skewer, large black tiger prawns, chicken wings and corn on the cob.

The cocktail bar will offer Amarula Martini and Nakira Martinis, both brewed with the South African liqueur.

Mr Dexter Lasswell, from Zimbabwe, is a new owner of the restaurant and he has invested about £100,000 in creating Nakira from Lobster Peninsula.
He says: “I saw a rift in the market for an African themed game and grill eatery and thought it was too great an opportunity to miss.”

“The venue is remarkable and I wanted to turn it into a place where people can experience a relaxed African dining experience in beautiful surroundings but without the high expenses.

“It will have a fun, warm and modern vibe with a nod to mythical African furnishings.”

Mr Nuno Pedro is the restaurant manager who has experience as he previously was employed at Harvey Nichols Restaurant.

In November 2016 the Lobster Peninsula was opened in the historic Futuristic Cinema environment, which goes back to the 1900s, after a £900,000 refurbishment.

Unfortunately, it did not last long as after six months they sent out a tweet stating that “due to unforeseen issues we have closed the restaurant”.

Some believe that their fancy seafood and lobster menu in upmarket surroundings lost the battle with other more casual restaurants in that area, like The Stable, Cherry Reds and Turtle Bay.

Government pledge to pay back employment tribunal fees after court ruling

There was a 72% cut in tribunal claims as employees were ‘unable to pay for the justice’ enormous tax, says the Midlands TUC

The Government has to stop charging employment tribunal fees at once and pay back the money to those who have already paid as a result of a “landmark” Supreme Court ruling.

As the Ministry of Justice stated, it accepted the judgment of the Supreme Court in favour of public sector union Unison, which led a four year battle against fees of around £1,200 that had to be paid to take a case to a tribunal.
Unions claim that in the last four years a few thousands of workers were financially ruined by the charge.

The verdict of the Supreme Court was unanimously in favour of the public sector union, which presented the facts that the charges discriminated against women and other groups of employees.

The verdict stated that the introduction of the charges four years ago by the Government was unlawfully and unconstitutionally.

The Midlands TUC presented the information where it was apparent that there were 72% less cases before the court since the charges took place, as in Midlands, in 2012-2013 there were about 8,385 cases while in 2016-2017 there were only 2,346 cases.

Lee Barron, Regional Secretary of Midlands TUC said: “This is a huge win for working people in the Midlands. Compliments to UNISON for doggedly pursuing this matter. Today’s result presents the power of working people standing unitedly in trade unions.”

“Low-paid workers across the Midlands were forced out of justice, even when they’ve been confronted with harassment or have been fired unfairly.”

“Tribunal expenses have been a bonanza for bad supervisors, giving them free rein to mistreat staff.”

Unison stated the Government must pay back over £27 million to the thousands of people who paid fees for taking their cases to the court since July 2013, when Chris Grayling, then lord chancellor, introduced the charges.
Dave Prentis, the general secretary, said: “The Government has been operating unlawfully, and has been proved incorrect – not just on simple economics, but on vital law and basic fairness also.”

“It’s a major triumph for employees everywhere. Unison took the matter on behalf of anyone who’s ever been mistreated at work, or who might be in future. Dishonest management no longer has the upper hand.”

“These unfair fees have let law-breaking bosses off the hook these past four years.”

Dominic Raab, Minister of Justice, said: “In setting employment tribunal expenses, the Government has to analyse access to justice, the values of litigation, and how we finance the tribunals.”

“The Supreme Court acknowledged the important role fees could play, but ruled that we have not hit the right balance in this situation. We will take urgent steps to stop charging expenses in employment tribunals and put in place methods to refund those who have paid.”

Fury as recycling being mixed with general landfill to beat Birmingham bin strike

Green waste is being ignored by clean up crews to remove backlog
In an attempt to clear up streets of the garbage, Birmingham bins bosses have been under heavy pressure for sending vast quantities of plastic pots, recycled bottles and paper to landfill.

There was a massive clean up action during this week, and over-stuffed bins, as well as piles of black bags, could have been seen throughout the city.

As the strike has been ongoing for four weeks, the city council, on Monday, initiated a part-by-part cleanup, planning to cover the whole city by the beginning of next week.

Latest confirmed information to show that recycling is being thrown together with the general waste and going to landfill and the taxes for it are paid by Labour-run council.

Cllr Deirdre Alden, opposition Conservative spokeswoman, regarding the bin dispute said: “Birmingham residents will rightly be outraged when they see the recycling which they have thoroughly separated being thrown into the truck with the general household trash. To discover it is all going to end up as the landfill is a true kick in the teeth.”

“Many people may feel so disillusioned and annoyed; they won’t bother grouping their recycling in the future. It will take a long time to recover people’s confidence and get our recycling levels up to what they were pre-strike. In the meantime, while the strike continues, the recycling figures will fail completely – costing the council money it can’t afford and damaging the environment.”

“The streets are packed with stinking waste, and our recycling is being sent to landfill – this Labour Council has failed its citizens in the matter of waste collection.”

Rob Grant, a Birmingham Green Party chairman replied, adding: “I am appalled that Birmingham City Council thinks it’s OK to do this. Families go to a lot of bothering to correctly sort cardboard, plastic bottles and glass from the rest of the litter, ready for collection.”

“It’s completely unacceptable for the Council just to decide to burn the lot without telling anybody. It’s just irresponsible – I’m quite shocked.”

“Everybody in the town will know how poorly the Council are handling rubbish collections and this is just another example.”

For a lot of people, this was the first time in four weeks that recycling has been emptied as the priority was on black bags and household waste.

Information that recycling was merging into the main waste was confirmed by the city council. A spokeswoman said: “Regrettably, due to these extraordinary events, we have to combine rubbish streams, but this is very much a temporary measure.”

Birmingham City Council’s goal is to recycle 36% of all waste, but in the past few years, the percentage of recycled waste was under 30%. City council is at the moment planning a new waste strategy which shall take place in 2019 after the Tyseley Incinerator contract ends.

Comedian Ed Byrne to perform new show at Derby Arena next year

“Spoiler Alert” show tickets go on sale this week

Ed Byrne, the comedian, will be performing at Derby Arena next year and tickets will be on sale starting this week.

Recently seen in BBC Two’s Dara And Ed’s Road To Mandalay with his old friend Dara O’Briain, Ed Byrne will perform next year at Derby Arena on Friday, April 20, during his UK stand-up tour.

In the upcoming show called “Spoiler Alert”, Byrne is trying to figure out if as a nation we are spoiled or not.

Byrne is a comedian who has a connection with Derbyshire as publicist Claire Walker, who happens to be his wife, is from You greave. He is known as one of the best comedians in the industry, and his TV roles include Have I Got News For You, Comic Relief Bake Off 2015, Mock The Week, The Graham Norton Show, The One Show, The World’s Most Dangerous Roads and Live At The Apollo.

Derby Arena will be a place where in 2018 other great comedians will perform apart from Byrne. Russell Brand will perform on Thursday, April 19, the day before Byrne’s show which is a change from his original July 2018 date, Sarah Millican will perform at the Pride Park venue’s stage on Sunday, July 1, and Jason Manford will be presenting his brand new stand-up comedy to Derby on Saturday, November 24.

Derby Arena will open its doors for “Spoiler Alert” show at 7 pm and the show will begin at 8 pm. It is considered not suitable for persons under 16.
Tickets price is £26. Derby Live customers will be able to get priority tickets on Thursday, July 27, from 10 am. On Friday, July 28, they will go on general sale from 10 am. One person can buy up to 8 tickets.

To be able to get priority tickets, a person should create a Derby Live web account by Wednesday, July 26, at

There are few ways how to buy tickets. Either through online at or Derby Live Box Office on 01332 255800. Sales and Information Centre in Derby Market Place is also a place where tickets can be bought.

Here’s how you can help Derby City Council raise vital funds for local charities

They made partnership with Crowd funder to help ease the constraints on public sector financing

Derby City Council agreed to match public contributions as high as £60,000 in a new project with a goal to provide support to local community organisations and charities.

Derby Council and Crowd funder UK created ‘Crowd funder Derby’ trying to find the solution for constraints being placed on public sector financing.

Their goal is to raise much-needed money with the help of the public for some essential causes in Derby’s local communities and to encourage everyone to come up with new ideas for their charitable projects.

Councillor Amo Raju, a Cabinet member for Leisure, Culture and Tourism, said:” Derby’s voluntary sector represents a fundamental role in the life of the town, but the Council’s capacity to provide financial support is limited.”

At present, the Derby Council are trying to improve the awareness for the project which happens to be a part of their more prominent ‘Delivering Differently’ policy.

Councillor Raju added: “We’re thrilled to have made ‘Crowd fund Derby’ a reality. We anticipate it to become a vital source of additional promotion and funding for good local causes which matter to people.”

What is crowd funding?

In short, crowd funding is a way of raising money by the public for a specific cause.

Usually, the organiser of the project will often provide some rewards in return for pledges.

For example, in the past crowd funding projects raised money which was used to create a few movies. Persons who donated cash were rewarded with walk-on roles in the film to signed posters, depending on how much money they have given.

More examples of successful crowd funding projects in the past have included raising needed money for some innovative and possibly life-saving projects like the ‘Desolenator’, which is a movable equipment that creates drinking water from contaminated water.

How do they work?

Crowd funding ventures work by providing persons with a place to ‘sell’ their idea. Persons can try to raise £200 to over £2.5million for their projects and contributors can donate as much as they desire.

How can I help?

Crowd fund Derby’ has already started and awaiting contributions. At the moment there are two projects under its umbrella, a ‘Divine Locale’ project which goal is to raise funds for fresh graduates and emerging artists and there is ‘No Hungry Kid’ project which aims to raise money to feed more than 30 children who are entitled to Free Meals at school during the summer holidays.
Go to ‘Crowd funder Derby’ website if you want to learn more about these projects.

This project has been together with the charity Community Action whose CEO, Kim Harper, excitedly said:” There are some wonderful ideas for community projects in Derby.”

“We can now work together to make these projects come to life to benefit local people and communities.”

The nine top restaurants in Derbyshire – according to TripAdvisor

Among the best nine restaurants are the Stones restaurant at Matlock; The Lighthouse Restaurant in Ashbourne area; and Darleys in Derby

There is a variety of great restaurants in Derbyshire to suit all occasions, budgets and tastes. Every month or so a brand new restaurant opens, which provides an opportunity for every person to discover their perfect place to go to.

Here are top nine restaurants in Derbyshire according to TripAdvisor:

1)Located in Boylestone, The Lighthouse Restaurant

The Lighthouse Restaurant was opened in 2010 and has over 400 reviews, and the number keeps rising, with 97% of them with 4 or 5 stars. So, it is no wonder that the Lighthouse Restaurant is on the top spot on TripAdvisor. The restaurant is located on New Road, Boylestone, near Ashbourne.

2) Located in Matlock, Stones Restaurant

Stones Restaurant is a family run business which has over 700 reviews, and 97% of those are very good or excellent. The restaurant is trendy between the couples, tourists and local folks with a goal to be a ‘perfect choice’ for business, family or romantic occasions.

3) Located in Darley Abbey, Darleys Restaurant

Third place belongs to Darleys Restaurant with more than 800 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on TripAdvisor where 86% of review are very good or excellent. The restaurant offers lunch, dinner vegetarian and seven-course tasting menus. Darleys Restaurant provides relaxed and stylish atmosphere and is located near the famous Darley Abbey Mills.

4) Located at Baslow Hall, Fischer’s

It is no wonder that Fischer’s restaurant is among the TripAdvisor’s top 9 restaurants as it the only Michelin-starred restaurant since October 2016 in Derbyshire. The eatery offers lunch and dinner menus and is a part of a boutique country house hotel.

5) Located in Morley Hayes, Dovecote Restaurant

The Dovecote Restaurant is a perfect choice if you desire wonderful views over the Morley Hayes golf course with the possibility of afternoon tea or champagne breakfast. For lunch, the restaurant offers a set menu, every evening there is an a la carte dinner menu, from Monday to Friday a daily dinner special is offered, and there is a traditional Sunday luncheon. It is a great place for business, family or romantic events and occasions.

6) Located in Derby, Blacksmith’s Loft

Blacksmith’s Loft is a restaurant with over 700 reviews, and 85% of those are very good or excellent. The restaurant offers the chance to its customers to “experience fine rustic dining in historical surroundings”. The restaurant is located in Blacksmith’s Yard, Sadler Gate.

7) Located in Derby, Masa

The Masa restaurant can be found inside a converted chapel, and it offers “traditional comfort superbly matched with the deliciously-prepared” cuisine. For lunch and supper, from Monday to Saturday, it offers an a la carte menu, together with a seven-course, around-the-world menu to offer “a taste of Masa”.

8) Located in Melbourne, Bay Tree Restaurant

The Bay Tree Restaurant offers “relaxed and sophisticated surroundings” to their customers along with a menu that takes traditional British meals to a whole new level. Furthermore, the restaurant organises special events, like Indian or French-themed evenings.

9) Located at Rowsley, The Peacock

The Peacock is a restaurant with over 200 reviews, and 88% of those are very good or excellent. The diner Sunday lunch menu is favourite among the local folks. On Friday and Saturday evenings, the restaurant offers the tasting menus.

Derby’s newest hotel – Blue Jay Lodge at Alvaston – has opened for business creating dozens of jobs

Hotel has 38 rooms and is already very popular

Derby recently got one brand new hotel which has employed dozens new workers and has already welcomed over a hundred guests.

Located in Linville Close, off Raynesway, Alvaston, adjacent to the Blue Jay pub, the Blue Jay Lodge has 38 rooms which were already used by over 900 people.

Owner Marston’s Inns and Taverns invested about one million pounds in the lodge and the pub thus creating over 60 new jobs.

The Blue Jay Lodge provides different rooms that can satisfy the needs of every customer, either it is a large family, couples or perhaps a single traveller. Furthermore, there are also rooms with a disability access.

As mentioned, the lodge is built adjacent to the pub, which offers a variety of breakfast options, from traditional English and veggie menu to the American style pancakes and a wide selection of freshly-baked pastries.

In the past month, since the opening, the lodge connected with the most important local businesses, including Ted Baker, Severn Trent and Rolls-Royce. The hostel is located in the proximity of a large Ted Baker distribution centre on Derby Commercial Park.

Manager of the Blue Jay Lodge, Yvonne D’Arcy, said: “We have been amazed at how well it is all going for us here.”

“The lodge has been close to capacity most nights, and everyone who has stayed has been positive about their visit so we can only see this continuing.”

“It has been such a great investment for the city, and we are so pleased that it has been a great success until now.”

At the beginning of this week, Marston’s presented their last financial report, showing that the good summer weather has increased its sales.

The company, which manages many lodges and pubs throughout the UK, including Pitcher and Piano and Two For One brand, reported that the sales in their premium pubs were up by 0.6% in the past quarter, which was ahead of the market as they said.

CEO, Ralph Findlay stated: “We remain encouraged by our continued market out-performance and focused on delivering sustainable growth and maximising return on capital in an evolving marketplace.”

“We rest assured of delivering further profitable progress for the whole financial year.”

Family pays £600 to bring ‘petrified’ and abused dog home from holiday

Zak, the pooch, was apparently victim of abuse as its tail had been cut off

A Derbyshire family with big love toward the animals “fell in love” with a stray dog during their holiday and has spent about £600 to bring the dog back to their home.

Paul Robinson, wife Jo and their son, Sam, were relaxing on their holiday trip to the island of Zakintons in Greece when they stumbled upon a tiny, skinny and frightened dog hiding behind a bin.

The dog was apparently abused as its tail had been cut off. Jo tried to approach him, but he was too frightened so ran off and couldn’t be found that day.

The next few days, the Robinsons spent searching the island to locate the stray dog. Eventually, while they were having a dinner at a restaurant on the beach, Jo saw him, and smartly she used her belt as a collar, so he was unable to run off once more.

They discreetly took him to their hotel room, gave him food and bath before they called local organisation Healing Paws Dog Rescue for assistance.

The organisation made arrangements that the dog who they named Zak, after the Zakynthos, be transported to their home in Oakwood for a £600.

Zak travelled through Italy, Germany and France for three days before finally reaching his destination on Wednesday.

Jo Robinson, who is 40 years old, stated:” If we hadn’t have saved him he would probably have died on that island. He was so tiny, you could see his rib cage and bones, and he was frightened of everything. We couldn’t simply leave him there to die.”

“He must’ve been so scared to be in a cage for three days travelling, but now he’s back home I’m sure he’ll start to relax.”

“We were all so thrilled to see him arrive safely. We all gave him a good welcome, including our other dog Teddy, and now we’re giving him lots of cuddles, food and rest.”

They think that Zak is around one year old and that he is a Labrador/beagle cross. Robinsons took him to vet who stated that Zak is somewhat underweight, but apart from that, he is in good health.

Husband, Paul, added:”There are lots of stray dogs in Zante, but Zak was tough to ignore. Most other dogs were roaming about and seemed to be enjoying themselves on the beach.”

“But Zak looked so vulnerable and frightened that we simply had to do everything we can to help.”

Robinsons youngest, Sam, who is 16, added: “We had given up hope of spotting him, so it was a true relief when we saw him again. It was unfortunate to see so many stray dogs in Zante, but I’m glad we were able to help Zak.”

The Robinsons are very grateful to Healing Paws Dog Rescue for the assistance they provided them and are inviting people to donate money to enable the self-sustained charity to keep going.

Sue Deeth, from the charity organisation, said: “We know there are lots of dogs in the UK who deserve a safe home, but there was no way we were leaving this little dog behind.”