Culture Night in Belfast Brings Out Late Night Buses

Translink made an announcement that will see the operation of late night buses for select Metro routes which will serve those who want to enjoy the Culture Night festivities on the 22nd of September. The special late night bus operations will run at midnight and 1 am for the night of the 22nd only.

The plans to run late night buses are in response to the massive volumes of revelers expected at the celebrations. This year the expected attendance is in excess of 100,000 within Belfast city’s center. There will be hundreds of free shows and events at the Culture Night celebrations and discounted Translink tickets will be available for those coming into and heading out of Belfast city.

Goldline, NI Railways and Ulsterbus have up to one third off on tickets while Metro Family tickets will also be offered at only £9 for 2 adults and 4 children to enjoy unlimited Metro transport within Belfast.

The Culture Night celebrations have been an annual Belfast event for the past 9 years and the organisers are looking to make the event bigger and better every year. This year the event is being organised under the theme of Cultural Biodiversity. In the spirit of having a bigger event, the organisers are planning more free events than any previous celebration along with an expansion of the geographical area of the event. The celebrations will be taking place further out of the city center to places such as Belfast Habour, Big Fish, Bank Square and Belfast City Hall.

It is hoped that the late night buses will greatly improve the transport situation for this year’s Culture Night revelers as the celebrations grow and possibly turn out to be the biggest annual event in Belfast.

The Return of Culture Night Expected to Pull In Record Numbers

With the biggest cultural event of Belfast set to make a return as per its annual calendar, organisers expect to see record numbers in visitors to the nine year old event that is Culture Night. The event is promising more than 300 different entertainment options for the pleasure of the visitors who are projected to show up in numbers that exceed 100,000 individuals as compared to the record set last year where 85,000 people were in attendance.

Kerry Rooney from Culture Night promises a celebration that exceeds expectations in every aspect. There will be more events taking place, in a wider geographical area and with many more people in attendance. Everything about Culture Night 2017 will be bigger and better. The 2017 Culture Night festivities will be taking place from the Belfast City Hall doors to the offices of the Belfast Harbour Commissioner. Venues that will host the event include Belfast Harbour, Big Fish, Bank Square and City Hall. There will be more than 300 entertainment options and more than 100,000 visitors in attendance.

The variety of events is going to ensure that every single person who attends can find something that they will thoroughly enjoy regardless of their age or preferences. Roller Derby, visual art, wrestling and opera are a small sample of the events that will be taking place. To get full details of what will be on offer during Culture Night 2017, visit and find out what venues will be having the specific events that you prefer and the full list of events that will take place on that night and their locations.

The impact of the Belfast Culture Night festival is not only a night of entertainment but a significant opportunity for the people and business community to build the profile of their city as a tourism, hospitality and cultural destination. According to Belfast Lord Mayor Nuala McAllister, this is an opportunity for Belfast to showcase its rich and vibrant potential for growth as a centre of culture and also as advertise itself as a leading tourist destination.

The celebrations are also a big boost to the aspirations of Belfast city which along Strabane District Council and Derby City seek to become the European Capital of Culture 2023.

Londonderry will also be hosting Culture Night along Belfast and this is further proof of the growing stature and popularity of the event. Plans are also on and finalised for other smaller but significant cultural and entertainment events that will be taking place in the same month. Fountain Street will be hosting the Mob and Street Party and there will also be the Bowie and Queen “Singalonga” by the Big Belfast Choir.

For the people of Belfast, supporting Culture Night is a must as it is bound to bring with it numerous economic and social benefits. The business community could also do well to fully participate in and support this annual event as it presents an excellent opportunity for the growth of the city.

Thai Restaurant Plans Expansion Into Northern Ireland

Thai food restaurant chain Camille, is set to open the doors to its second eatery in Ballyhackamore, Belfast. This comes fast on the heels of the first restaurant that was opened about 12 months ago along Lisburn Road. The opening of this second store is a clear signal that Brody Sweeney the chief executive is serious about expansion in Northern Ireland. Camille is a restaurant that offers healthy Thai takeaways for young professional people who need quality food that can be ordered online and delivered to them in line with the “laptop and delivered to lap” concept.

According to Brody, the Ballyhackamore area was a natural choice due to its growing reputation as a foodie destination where lots of restaurants are setting up shop and doing very well. The new Camille restaurant is expected to hire 20 new staff with the most already engaged and the process of hiring chefs is in progress. Most of the work on the restaurant is done and fit-out will be complete any time now which indicates an opening is in the offing sometime soon.

One of the challenges that Mr Sweeney has identified is the lack of skills and especially chefs which has led to most hires being young immigrant workers.

While businesses would prefer to prioritise the hiring of Northern Ireland nationals, many of the locals are unfortunately not interested or available to take up the jobs. This has created a situation that makes hiring for specific positions a daunting task.

He is however quick to point out that the young immigrants are important to growing economies as they are willing to take up minimum pay jobs that natives are not interested in. He blames the lack of immigrant workers in the UK partly to the Brexit move that has made the country a less attractive option for immigrants looking to work overseas.

Camille restaurants were launched 2 years after the closure of O’Brien’s, which was the sandwich shop that Mr Sweeney operated up until 2009. The success of online food delivery businesses such as Deliveroo inspired the move to start the business which was Mr Sweeney’s way of providing professionals in Belfast with high quality healthy meals that are ordered from a “laptop and delivered to the lap.” There are 14 Camille restaurants that are successfully running across the country with one of them in London.

The huge potential of the online restaurant delivery business is what attracted Camille to the Lisburn Road address which has lots of young professionals who are internet savvy, have very little time but happen to be very liquid and willing to spend their cash. One year down the line, Camille is happy with its choice of location for its first Belfast restaurant and believes the Ballyhackamore location will do equally well if not better.

The near future plan according to Brody Sweeney is to have 6 or at least 5 franchised Camille restaurants up and running within the next 12 months in Belfast and other parts of Northern Ireland.

Office Firm From Belfast Lands Government Contract in Africa

As a testament of the rising profile of Belfast based businesses, Belfast based company; The Alpha Group has landed a lucrative deal to fit-out offices in the Nigerian capital, Abuja. This is one of the biggest contracts that the company has secured overseas in the history of its operations.

The deal was secured through the group’s design arm; 1080 in collaboration with Senator, which is a UK company. This is a clear indicator that business collaborations are an obvious and highly effective avenue to increasing a company’s prospects in the local and international arena.

According to Paul Black, who is Alpha Group’s chief executive, the Nigerian contract will significantly boost the company’s international profile. With the main benefit being that potential clients will now have a testimonial of The Alpha Group’s capacity in delivering high quality outcomes through excellent logistics and expertise regardless of geographical location.

Considering that many international organisations prefer to have consistency in the designs of their offices and facilities in different cities and areas of operation this is a good opportunity for the company to showcase its capacity to deliver on the international stage.

Though speculation is rife with many different figures being floated as to the numbers involved in the Abuja contract, The Alpha Group has remained tight lipped on the actual value of the deal.

Scientists In Belfast Find That Tooth Decay Can Be Reversed By Aspirin

Scientists in Belfast have found that tooth decay can be reversed by the use of aspirin. Researchers at the Queens University have conducted studies that show Aspirin as causing the stimulation of stem cells in teeth which basically means that it is helping with the regeneration of decayed teeth.

A British Dental Association study of 2016 conducted in Northern Ireland showed that, among youths aged 15, 72% of them had tooth decay. In Wales the report showed 63% of 15 year olds had tooth decay while England reported 44%.

Aspirin which is scientifically referred to as acetylsalicylic acid has been in use for decades as one of the most affordable painkiller medications. It is commonly administered to help resolve muscle pains, menstrual pains and headaches.

It has been established that the regeneration of teeth is very limited since on their own, teeth will usually only develop a small layer of dentine to cover dental pulp that is exposed due to decay. The most common medical intervention for tooth decay is fillings that will often serve for a period of time before needing to be replaced.

At Queen’s University in Belfast, Prof Ikhlas El Karim who is a senior lecturer at the School of Medicine, Dentistry & Biomedical Sciences has focused her research on stem cells in teeth with specific focus on how teeth can regenerate and recover from cavities so that fillings are no longer necessary.

Her findings were presented to the British Society For Oral and Dental Research during the group’s annual conference held in September 2017 where she made a strong case for the effectiveness of Aspirin in the regeneration of dental stem cells. She presented that Aspirin significantly improved the regeneration of the structure of teeth that had been eroded by decay. Her presentation was focused on the idea of developing a therapy that could be administered to patients so that teeth would not need fillings but instead repair on their own.

The research at Queen’s University Belfast that brought forth these findings involved large amounts of data and analysis that finally landed on aspirin as a compound that effectively stimulated gene signature for the generation of dentine. Aspirin was applied to dental stem cells in a petri-dish after which the researchers found material and genetic evidence of dentine production.

With the research having brought forth these important facts, the next hurdle to overcome is the administration of the aspirin in a manner that ensures it is effective in stimulating regeneration to the extent of replacing fillings. Simply placing some aspirin on a decayed tooth won’t work since the aspirin will easily wash off before it can actually stimulate the required regeneration.

The fact that aspirin is already approved for medical use makes the process easier and the only major challenge in the way of this particular treatment is the development of a system that will allow dentists to offer affordable and effective dental treatment to one of the biggest global dental conditions; tooth decay.